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A Voice of an Angel

Yesterday was our ward's annual primary program that both Lia and Logan participated in.  Since I got called into the primary presidency a month ago, it has been fun to be a part of the practices for the first time in my life these past few weeks.  The primary children sang a total of eight songs in addition to each having their own turn up at the microphone to say one or two lines.  Logan wanted nothing to do with it and refused to ever get up to say his part during the practices.  However, Lia was the total opposite and jumped at the last-minute opportunity to both sign a song with a small group of girls AND sing a solo.  I couldn't believe it when I saw her hand shoot up into the air when the music leader asked if anyone would like to sing a solo for a song whose original soloist had just cancelled last minute.  Lia was so brave walking up to the microphone and singing the song with a the help of the music director for the first time.  I don't know if I would have had the courage to do this when I was nine years old.  After practicing every day at home with me this past week, we showed up to church yesterday with an excited, but nervous, Lia and a bribed Logan (we promised him a Lego set if he got up to say his part).  Since I sat in the first row with the Sunbeams I was able to get up and stand at Logan's side when it was his turn to say his part.  Although Logan kind of panicked when he first saw how many people were in the audience, he grabbed my hand for moral support and then said his few words into the microphone.  I was so proud of him.  After that, Lia signed her song, sang her solo, and said her line.  She did such a wonderful job with everything--especially her solo!  She was confident and sang clearly and loudly into the microphone.  It sounded so great!  Both Ron and I got several compliments from people after the program was over including two people who said that she sounded like she had the voice of an angel.  Good job, Lia!  We are so proud of you!

My parents came down from Issy with Brent, Kelsey, and Brynn (since they were still visiting after the Coldplay concert).  I asked my two nieces to be sneaky and try to take some pictures of Lia.  Here is one of Lia singing her solo in the song, "To Think About Jesus."

And here is another one of Lia signing to the song, "As a Child of God."

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams Concert

Although I am not a die-hard music fan or a regular concert goer, I do have two bands that I have absolutely loved for years:  U2 and Coldplay.  I fell in love with U2 in the early 90s while in high school and I fell in love with Coldplay right after college in the early 2000s.  I have seen U2 in concert a total of three times in my life, but I have never seen Coldplay.  And, to be honest with you, it wasn't even on my radar.  I am too busy being a mom of three young kids to follow where and when Coldplay is performing.  But, just by luck, I received an email from Tickmaster the week before the U2 concert I attended last May with an ad for Coldplay's upcoming concert to Seattle.  Apparently, their "A Head Full of Dreams" tour has been touring since March of 2016 and Seattle was to be their 103rd city out of a total of 123 cities!  I immediately wanted to go to this concert, but with who?  Since I really didn't have anyone in my town, I started thinking outside of my own immediate area and thought of Brent, my one brother who loves Coldplay as much as me.  There's just one catch:  he lives in Montana.  I decided to call him up and ask him if he wanted to join me.  And to my surprise, not only did he say that he was in, but also his two, teenage daughters.  So, before I knew it, tickets were bought and I was going to see Coldplay with my brother and two of my nieces.  I was so excited!
Brent and his two girls drove out to Washington Friday after leaving work and school early.  After they spent the day palling around with other cousins yesterday, I picked them up in Bellevue and off we went for our evening of fun in the Century Link Stadium in Seattle with 65,000 other Coldplay fans.  After two lackluster, opening acts, the four of us were blown away by the most amazing, colorful, fun concert of my life.  It was like one nonstop, dance party for two hours.  It was an amazing display of color and energy between the fireworks, rainbow colored confetti, giant balloons, lasers, and electronic wristbands that lit up!  I have never attended a concert where there were so many fun things to look at and interact with in addition to dancing and singing along to the music.  Chris Martin and the band played all of my favorites from "Paradise" to "A Sky Full of Stars."  It was so much fun to dance the night away with my brother and my nieces at my side while watching the stadium constantly light up in a spectrum of different, flashing colors from the wristbands!  It was one of those nights I will never forget!

The giant, Coldplay poster hanging outside the stadium.

Sarah, Kelsey, and I standing in front of the poster.

We made it!  The four of us standing in front of our amazing seats on the 18th row of the stadium before the concert started.

Sarah Mae showing off her new, Coldplay hat that she bought before the concert.

#ColdplaySeattle.  Bring it on!

The amazing backdrop of the stage complete with a rainbow made from real, cut flowers.

The map of Coldplay's concert tour in North American all lit up on the screen as they were about to enter.  Notice that the line stopped in Seattle.

What we first saw all around the stadium when the electronic wristbands lit up as Coldplay was coming out.  Since these wristbands were controlled by a computer, we had no way of knowing when they would turn on or off or what color they would be.  It was so fun watching them change throughout the concert AND seeing the spectacular display that thousands of them would create around the stadium.

The "Head Full of Dreams" symbol on the smaller screen above the stage.

And here they are!  The opening act begins after Coldplay came onto stage and started singing, "A Head Full of Dreams."

A close-up of Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland.

After some time, the band moved down the runway to a smaller stage in the middle of the audience on the floor.  This was fun for us to see as it was really close to where we were sitting.

All four of our wristbands lit up and glowing!

Brent and I dancing the night away.

During the performance of the song, "Adventure of a Lifetime," they sent beachball-sized, balloons into the audience that were so much fun to try to hit back up into the air.  They bounced around the massive audience for the rest of the concert.

A shot of a some of the balloons that ended up floating around the stage.

The amazing green and purple lasers during the performance of "Paradise."  It was so awesome to see this--especially in combination with everyone's wristbands flashing on and off in an array of colors.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Another Loganism for the Books

Ever since Logan could talk, he has been cracking us up.  In fact, I actually feel bad as there are soooo many funny things that he has said over the past few years that I haven't written down, but today I managed to find a moment to record one of our conversations from earlier this morning!
I was madly rushing around during the last few minutes prior to leaving the house to drive Logan and Lia to school.  This is always the craziest time of the day for me as I am trying to juggle several things at once with a tight deadline.  After I finished making the last item for the kids' lunches (sandwiches), I promptly packed Lia's in her lunch bag and left Logan's sitting on the counter.  I zipped up both lunch bags and walked to the back door where I put Lia's on the floor for her to pick up on the way out and Logan's safely inside his backpack.
Upon returning to the kitchen, I discovered Logan's sandwich still sitting on the counter.  I then announced out loud to both Logan and Ella who were still eating breakfast that I had completely forgotten to pack Logan's sandwich to which he responded, "Do you have a crazy brain?  Is it mixed up?"
After getting my giggles out of the way, kissing Logan on the head, and telling him that he was the cutest boy alive, I told him that my brain is definitely all mixed up.  I couldn't have said it better.