Monday, April 30, 2012

The Last Person Swimming...

During Lia's weekly swim lessons this past Saturday, her teacher told the children that they only have three classes left before the spring session ends.  On the way home, this was the conversation Lia had with her father:

Lia:  "Papa, we only have three more swim lessons."

Papa:  "That's right."

Lia:  "And after that the only one that will be there is the water."

Truer words were never spoken.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Got Head Wrap?

In the past few weeks, Lia has started this new habit of sneaking up to her bedroom unannounced, climbing into bed, wrapping her beloved "comfy cozy" blanket around her head, and either falling asleep or playing "Ariel."  She can easily entertain herself for an hour or two like this if uninterrupted.  After sorting some of her clothes in the attic today, this is how I just found Lia in her bedroom--all wrapped up in her blanket and fast asleep!  Too bad it's 5:45 pm.  Guess it's going to be a late night for all of us...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Logan's First Family Vacation

We just returned from four fabulous days tagging along with Ron to a work conference in Spokane.  We couldn't pass up the opportunity to go with Ron as his district put him up in a nice hotel with a view and a pool and a food stipend!  I loved having a break from cooking and dishes, Lia loved swimming in the pool, and Logan apparently loved sleeping in his pack 'n play (since he slept through the night for the first time there)!  So it was a win-win for everyone involved and a successful first family vacation for Logan!

Here is the stunning view from our hotel room of the Spokane River.

Another view of the river and the Riverfront Park--home of the 1974 World's Fair.

The temperature was actually in the 80s the first two days we were there!  So we enjoyed walks to the Riverfront Park every evening after Ron was done with his classes.  Here is Lia, Logan, and I crossing the river on our way to the park.

One of the funny attractions in this park is a statue of a goat that sucks up garbage upon demand.  Lia and I were quite amazed as its special, cleaning abilities!

Another of the park's fun feature was a gigantic red wagon that doubled as the playground!

Here is Lia going down the slide!

Mother and daughter from atop the wagon.

Lia climbing on the giant blocks.

Summiting the blocks!

Our faithful companion, chunky Logan!  Oh how we love this boy and all of his rolls!

Heading back to the hotel after a fun filled afternoon playing in the park.

We visited the pools several times during our stay so that Lia could get her fill. 

Thanks to her swim lessons, Lia has become much more daring in the pool and enjoyed jumping off of the steps over and over again.

Papa and Lia posing in the water.

Lia's absolute favorite:  getting tossed into the air!

Another one of Lia's aquatic favorites:  jumping off the edge of the pool!

There was plenty of hanging out time in our hotel room.  Lia enjoyed sharing her beloved blanket with Logan.  I'm not too sure how Logan felt about it...

My kiddos with their favorites--Logan with his sucker and Lia with her blanket.

We visited the carousel during another one our afternoon visits to the park.  Here is Lia flying around on her horse.

Another cute pose.

We had to buy some huckleberry ice cream to enjoy after the carousel ride.  Lia was nice enough to share it with me!

We also decided to go for a ride in the park's cable cars that go right over the Spokane Falls.  Here are Lia and I smiling high above the river!

Logan chilling inside our cable car--oblivious to the fact that he is hundreds of feet in the air.

Ron over the Spokane Falls!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Inquisition 2012

Lia is currently in the phase where she asks me an endless string of questions all day long.  It's a full-time job just keeping up with them.  Most of the time, Lia asks legitimate questions, but sometimes she asks questions that she already knows the answers to.  Please see yesterday's conversation as a prime example of the latter:

Lia:  "Mom, sometimes I can balance myself when I run."

Mom:  "Sure you can.  Every time you run, you balance yourself.  If you didn't, you would fall down."

Lia:  "Mama, what's 'balance'?"

Monday, April 23, 2012

This Just In!

At ten weeks old, Mr. Logan SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT for the first time last night!!  Hallelujah!  I am so thrilled!  I put him to bed at 10:30 and he slept all the way til 7:30 this morning.  That's a woppin' nine hours.  This is always a major turning point in my baby's life as well as mine.  I still remember the day that Lia did it for the first time at eight weeks old and she was sleeping through the night consistently within two weeks.  So, here's to hoping that Logan will follow in his big sister's footsteps and be doing the same thing by the time he turns three months old.  Once that happens, I will be 100% human again which is something both my family and I can't wait for!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Sweetest Thing

Tonight after dinner, I laid Logan down on our bed while I painted Lia's fingernails in the bathroom and this was the precious sight I found when I came back to get him a few minutes later.  There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break has Sprung!

Tonight wraps up nine glorious days that Ron had off work for Spring Break.  Oh, how we love having him home!  We were blessed with a string of sunny days which gave us ample opportunities to get outside to work in the yard and to go on some little adventures around town!  Besides working on our gardens, garage, and grass, we went for a walk and a picnic on the sound, took a trip to the zoo, and attended the Daffodil Parade.  Here are some pics of the day trips we made...

Ron, Lia, Logan, and me taking a stroll down Rustin Way on Monday, April 9th.

Lia and I with the sound and Tacoma in the background.

Stopping for a picnic lunch.

Playing in the sand!

And playing with papa!

On Wednesday, April 11th, we went to the Point Defiance Zoo.  Par Lia's request, our first stop was the carousal!  Here is our little girl riding around on her half horse/half mermaid named, "Seaweed," that she chose due to the fact that Ariel is her favorite princess at the current moment!

Next stop:  Strawberry ice cream in the zoo's cafe!

After the carousal and the ice cream, Lia was finally ready to look at some animals.  Sharks were her first choice!

Lia and mama posing inside the giant, shark jaws!

Our little family mascot, Logan, cruised around the zoo in his stroller like an old pro!

Papa strolling the kiddos around the zoo!

On Saturday, April 14th, our town hosted its annual Daffodil Parade.  It's about as "homespun" as you can get when it comes to parades.  I mean, where else can one find Harley Davidson motorcycles decorated with daffodils?!

And a big, bad fire engine, too!

Mama with Lia and her new, yellow balloon that was much more fascinating that posing for our picture.  Oh dear.

Ron and the kids!

A final float overflowing with daffodils!  What a great day for a parade!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Months Old Today!

When Lia was a brand new baby and I was stumbling through the confusing world of newborns as a first-time mom, my mother wisely told me that most babies turn a corner at two months.  I soon learned that her advice was 100% true with Lia and I'm happy to say that Logan has also been no exception to this "rule" as he has started to make improvements in the past week or two.  For starters, we have finally settled into a daily routine of feeding time, awake time, and sleeping time.  He no longer screams when his clothes or diaper are changed or when he has his bath.  Logan is now starting to just lay content in his swing or bouncy chair for many minutes at a time without making a peep.  Hallelujah!  He is also falling asleep ON HIS OWN after a feeding when put down in his bassinet for nap time or nighttime with just the help of his sucker.  And, last but definitely not least, he is only waking up one time a night for a feeding!  Yesterday, he actually slept til 5 a.m. before waking for the first time!  Oh, how I love these recent changes and the sanity they bring to my life!  Logan is just the cutest, chunkiest baby around.  He weighed in today at 14 pounds 6 ounces at his two-month check-up, putting him in the 93rd percentile for weight.  Logan is also starting to smile at us daily and to make some cute, cooing noises in addition to his not-so-cute squawks and grunts.  He truly is an adorable baby in my eyes and I can't wait for all of the fun changes and progress he will make in the months to come.  We love you, Logie Bear!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday and Logan's Blessing

Today was a whirlwind of a day, but also a wonderful day!  We were able to schedule Logan's baby blessing on Easter Sunday which I felt was so appropriate as Easter always reminds me of a new beginning.  In addition, we were blessed with the most gorgeous spring day after weeks and weeks of rain, wind, snow, hail, and overall cold and cloudy weather.  We started off the morning with a visit from the Easter bunny for Lia before heading off to church.  My parents and Washington brothers and their families then joined us for Logan's blessing and a dinner and Easter egg hunt at our house afterwards.  Ron did a wonderful job on the blessing although our little boy cried through most of it and we had so much fun hosting my family and spending the afternoon playing outside.  Here are some highlights of the day...

Lia and her Easter loot.

Trying out one of Lia's new "activities" that came in her basket.

Little Logan all dressed up in his blessing duds before church.  He is wearing the outfit that I bought back in 2004 (before Ron and I were even dating) at the most amazing lace shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  I also purchased his baby blanket in Bethlehem (for obvious reasons) when I was studying abroad in Israel back in 1996.  Yes, I plan ahead from time to time...

A full-body shot of his adorable, linen outfit.  What I love so much about this short and shirt combo is the fact that it is so Ron!  The shirt really looks like something he would wear and really resembles the Filipino dress shirt called a barong.  Coincidence or inspiration? 

My sweet boy looking heavenly in his white.

My family outside our church after the blessing.

The Hartland fam, complete with a screaming Logan.

Although we haven't dragged our deck furniture out of the attic yet for the summer season, we had all seven children eat dinner outside on a folding, card table.  It soon become the gathering place for the rest of us as it just felt so good to be outside in that warm weather.

Thanks to Grandma, all of the children were able to participate in an Easter egg hunt in our yard.  Here is Lia picking up a sheet of stickers she found in her designated area.

Lia coming out of the playhouse with some more goodies.

And picking up another egg with daddy's assistance!

All of the cousins posing for a final picture after the hunt was complete!

Oh, what a glorious day it was.  Thanks, everyone, for supporting Logan and joining us for the day!