Sunday, March 30, 2014

38 Weeks Pregnant!

Well, here we are on the final stretch of my pregnancy!  I only have nine more days to go before I hit my due date, so this baby could really come any time now.  However, if history repeats itself, this baby should show up right on time!  We shall see.  Overall, it has been a good pregnancy that really hasn't slowed me down at all.  If I consider all of the projects I have completed on this house in the last nine months on top of being a mother of two and running a household, it's kind of amazing.  The baby's room is all ready--the walls are painted, the decor is up, the bedding is on the crib, and all of her 0-6 month clothes, blankets, and burp rags are washed, folded, and ready to go.  There are a few more non baby things I need to check off my list this week and then I can finally say that I am ready!  I am so grateful for this third baby on the way and have tried to savor every moment--especially since I don't know if she is my last one or not.  If only I could convince my husband to have a fourth child in his late fourties.  Hah!  We'll see about that.  Time will only tell...

A Rainy Day Shower

It was a very rainy and blustery day yesterday--a perfect day for a baby shower!  My dear friend, Wendy, who lives up the hill hosted a lovely morning baby shower for me.  It was so nice to get together with some of my friends in the area and my mother and daughter for a delicious brunch, some game playing, and, of course, the gift opening.  I am so grateful for gtood friends who spoiled my baby-on-the-way with some lovely and generous gifts!

Wendy served quiches with a bread buffet on one table and my friend, Megan, provided a yogurt buffet on another.  It was a delicious way to start the day!

Lia was able to join us after her morning swim lessons.  It was so fun to have her at my side!  Here she is posing with Grandma while eating some goodies.

Lia assisted in all of the gift opening.  She was so excited and very cute about the entire thing!  Here she is watching me open a gift.

And another where she is holding up one of the gifts for all to see.

The biggest surprise of the shower HAD to be opening up Wendy's gift.  Buried under some baby clothes, we found a copy of the newly released Disney movie, Frozen, that Lia is absolutely in LOVE with!  Since I refuse to pay top dollar and buy movies when they first come out in stores, Lia was in for quite a wait before she was going to receive this movie.  You can imagine her excitement when I showed her what was in the gift bag.  Needless to say, Lia held on to the movie for the rest of the shower and watched it two times after she got home!

My good friends, Megan and Wendy, helping with the gifts!

I just love this picture of Wendy and me laughing at who-knows-what!

Besides the movie, the other amazing gift at the shower was the beautiful baby quilt that my mother made for my baby.  We chose fabrics from the colors of the nursery (sage green, light pink, and baby blue) and I absolutely love the pattern that she came up with in putting the quilt together.  As always, it is stunning and receive many accolades from the ladies in the room.  Here I am showing off the quilt to the crowd.

My mom and I holding up the finished product!

Showing off one of the adorable, little dresses I received yesterday.

Posing with my two, skinny friends, Wendy and Megan, and all of my 40 pounds at the end of the shower! 
Thank you for such a wonderful morning!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Boy and His Blanket

The other day I was updating Logan's baby book before I have to start working on another baby book in the next few weeks and one of the pages is titled, "A Few of My Favorites."  So, besides Elmo and the pacifier, I HAD to include a picture of Logan with his blanket.  Although this blanket has been around since his genesis, he first "discovered" it last Spring and they have been inseparable ever since.  This blanket follows him around the house during his waking hours and must go to bed with him for every single nap and bedtime.  They are best of friends and it really is the cutest thing.  So the picture above is the one I was able to take of him for this page in his baby book.  All on his own, Logan turned to the side on the stairs and gave me this adorable pose.  I just had to put it on the blog because I love it so much!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Talk about Regression!

I thought it was bad that Logan had taken a liking to the baby bouncy chair that we pulled out of the attic last week, but I had no idea what was coming!  This is how I found Lia today in the family room while watching Jungle Book--just chillin' in the bouncy chair.  What?!  Apparently, my long-legged, six-year old also has a thing for bouncy chairs.  I just burst out laughing when I saw her!  What is it going to be like in a few weeks when our baby actually is here?  Are all of my children going to be duking it out for their new, favorite seat in the house?  Oh dear.  Heaven help us.

Lia watching the show in all her reclined glory!

Look how ridiculous those long legs look sticking out of the bottom of the chair!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This past weekend, Ron helped me get out all of the baby stuff from the attic so that I can sort, wash, and organize it before the "big day" arrives.  However, I had no idea that Logan would take to such a liking of his old bouncy chair!  He immediately claimed it as his own and has enjoyed many a relaxing moments laying in it ever since.  Logan even insists on his blanket being carefully laid over the bouncy seat cover before he lays in it.  I just hope the novelty wears off before the baby is born or else sparks are going to fly!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bed Head

This is how I found my little guy's hair today when I went into his bedroom to get him from his afternoon nap.  I have never seen his hair so crazy!  A total faux hawk!  Oh, how I love this boy and his thick, dark brown head of hair.

The frontal shot.


The side shot.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lia's 6-Year Photos

We made it into the photo studio yesterday for Lia's 6-year photos during one of her day's off from school.  Amazingly, Logan sat in his stroller the entire time while Lia warmed up to the photographer and produced some stunning smiles.  I can't get over how pretty my baby girl looks in these pictures.  She sure is growing up!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Selling Girl Scout Cookies!

Today Lia headed out with her friend, Addyson, and fellow Daisy to do their first Girl Scout cookie sale outside a grocery store.  They braved the rain and the cold and had a great time selling 100 boxes between the two of them!  I had the flu and had to stay home, but hopefully will be able to go and help out next week when they do their second and final sale.  I can't wait to see how cute they look!

The girls standing behind their line-up of cookies for sale!

The girls selling to a customer with Addyson's big sister, Kensi, helping out.

34 Weeks Baby Bump

Well, I can officially say that I am due next month!  April 8th is just around the corner and I am really feeling pregnant these days.  I grunt almost every time I have to bend over to pick something up, climbing up stairs leaves me winded, and it took a full three days to recover from Lia's marathon birthday weekend because I was so tired from the entire affair!  :-)  Otherwise, all is going well.  I had to go in for an ultrasound last week after the baby measured four weeks behind at my 33-week doctor's appointment.  Luckily, everything turned out to be okay and it was just fun to look at the baby on the computer screen for almost 30 minutes.  The highlight was seeing her hair which was definitely not there at my 20-week ultrasound.  So cute!  We can't wait to meet our baby girl!