Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Bed, Little Girl

Recently, Lia has discovered a new and favorite morning activity. Whenever I am getting ready for the day on mornings that I don't work, she is in my room dancing around and watching "Sesame Street." She has found that she likes to lay on our bed while I make it and get covered one layer at a time by the sheet and blankets. When I am done, Lia will then flip around, get settled in against the pillows, and veg out to the television. Since she is such a little body in this king size bed, it is just the funniest sight to me. So, I decided to snap a photo of it the other day.

Our princess in our king.

Lia + Grover + our bed = true happiness.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alki Outing

Today, the stars aligned in The Hartland.
One: It was the first day of Spring.
Two: The afternoon temperature was in the upper 60s.
Three: Ron had NO class and NO homework today!

So, we decided to take advantage of the above and go on a family outing to Alki Beach in Seattle. We packed up all our gear and headed out to do the following:

Take a lengthy bike ride along the beach. Our cruisers couldn't be happier!

Gaze at vistas like the one above!

Stop for lunch at Spud's to get their famous fish 'n chips.

Eat the fish 'n chips on the beach.

Play in the sand.

Laugh in the sand.

Walk down to the shore to throw rocks with papa.

What a great way to spend a Saturday. Can't wait for summer!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Trip to Winter Paradise

I decided last minute to hop in my parents' car and join them for a 5-day weekend up at their cabin in Priest Lake this past week. They were already planning on taking my cousin, Alex, (who is currently living with them) and meeting one of my brothers and his family up there to work on a few projects that my father wanted completed before the summer season arrived. Since Lia and I had a free weekend and Ron would be spending ALL of it working, we thought that this would be a fun and different way to pass the time. So, off we went Thursday morning, only to be hit by a few different snow storms along the way (including one right up at Priest Lake). Luckily the sun melted most of it by Saturday allowing the kids to have some fun snow time on Friday and some good work time on Saturday. Here is a quick and dirty blow-by-blow of the weekend...

This is the wintry scene that greeted us from my parents' cabin on Friday morning...

--in comparison to--

the sunny scene that greeted us Saturday morning. What a difference one day can make in this wild and unpredictable place known as Priest Lake.

These two girls, Kelsey and Mae Mae, were my daughter's #1 entertainers all weekend long. Talk about fabulous and free babysitting that never ends! Lia had the time of her life following her two older cousins around and participating in every activity, dance, and game these two came up with. Here is Lia sitting at the little desk that Kelsey made her last summer (with the help of Grandpa in the garage) with the Barbie laptop in tow.

A few of us set out Friday morning to play in the snow and explore the winter wonderland left behind from Thursday night's storm. This really was Lia's first chance to get friendly with the white stuff as she was too young to appreciate the "great snowstorm" of Christmas '08. Since she has never been a pro at pronouncing words that start with the letter, S, Lia happily announced repeatedly that she was walking in the "no," or throwing a "noball," or building a "noman." So cute!

Lia winding up to throw a "noball."

Kelsey decided that we needed to make a snowman and name him George. So, here we are with our new "no pal."

Saturday morning started off with "Aunt Doozie" introducing Lia to Mae Mae's "M3 Player" and some country music. You can tell exactly what she thinks of this genre of music by the look on her face. Like mother, like daughter.

The older cousins entertained Lia for many an hour with their own version of Grandma's "Leg over Leg" jingle. As you can see, they really got into it....even Lia jumped in on the fun and included a foam puzzle as an important prop in her interpretative dance moves.

And, of course, NO trip to Priest Lake would be appropriate (in the eyes of Claus that is) without at least ONE work project. Although my father, brother, cousin, and nephew completed several this weekend, here is the group down on the beach Saturday afternoon completing one final assignment.

Lia and her yellow bucket offering assistance at the work party.

After working hard, we decided to enjoy the remainder of this glorious winter afternoon by heading down the beach to enjoy a neighbor's glorious, sandy cove nearby. I just love this pic of my nephew, Spencer, helping Lia walk down the path.

Mae Mae and Lia playing in the sandy cove.

My brothers' fam and Grandma relaxing on a neighbor's dock while overlooking the cousin frenzy below.

After Brent's family departed Sunday afternoon, my mom, Lia, and Alex hopped in the car and headed down to our favorite campground at the Northern end of the lake to play on their glorious beach. Much to our surprise, we found most of this end of the lake covered in ice! Who knew! Rain or ice, we headed down to the beach anyways to soak up some Vitamin D and give Lia the chance to frolic in the sand one last time.

Cousin Alex and baby Lia playing with the sand and ice.

Watching the apple of my eye from the frozen shores of Priest Lake.