Friday, June 25, 2010

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow...

Those who know me well, know that I am a sentimental sap at heart. I struggle with change and letting things go. This applies to everything from long, lost childhood toys to high school English papers to an outfit that I wore to a special event. Although I am no automobile fanatic, it even applies to cars. I have always loved that Ron and I are still driving the same cars that we were driving when we first met and started dating. In fact, a very silly part of me secretly believed that my Taurus and Ron's Focus had their own courtship vicariously through our own. As a result, today was bittersweet to see Ron's trusty companion (nicknamed the "Hopper") of the past EIGHT years drive off for the last time as he went to purchase his new, dream mobile. I kind of felt like I was witnessing a forced, break-up between the very happy, Ford couple.
As sad as it was for me, Ron didn't even look behind once as he dropped off the Hopper to be traded in at the dealership and literally hopped over to where the shiny, brand new Ford F150 truck was parked on the lot! And, I must confess, when I saw this beauty pull up this afternoon, I was hit a tad by the "love at first sight" syndrome. It was only solidified minutes later when I found myself behind the driver's wheel. Happy Trails in the Hartland!!

The happy couple posing for one last photo.

And one last kiss....
(this one's for you, Mindy!)

Out with the old, and in with the new! This pretty thing is what appeared in front of our house hours after Ron left this morning! The Taurus is still trying to figure out what to make of it all.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Official!

Although it has secretly been in the works for almost a month now, Ron officially found out yesterday that he will be one of the two new assistant principals at his current high school next year! We are so excited and thrilled about this news. All of his hard work this past school year has finally paid off. And, on a selfish note, I am pleased as punch as this step in his career means that I get to QUIT WORKING and become a full-time mommy for the first time in my bloody life. Hallelujah!

Monday, June 21, 2010

London Bridge is Falling Down...

Or, at least I think that's what Lia looks like here!
This is the silly pose that she kept on striking today while we were blowing bubbles on the deck. Not quite sure why, but I sure thought it was the cutest thing....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Saturday with Cirque...

Yesterday, we dropped off Lia at my parents' house and finally cashed in Ron's Valentine's Day gift that he received months ago: tickets to Kooza, the Cirque du Soleil show that is currently in town. Our love and fascination for Cirque goes back many years as we have been seeing their shows together in various states since 2004. We absolutely love the jaw dropping, mind boggling, and death defying tricks and treats of this performing company, and Kooza was no exception! The crazy contortionists, bike-riding tight rope guys, catapulting maniacs ON STILTS, hula hooping wonder, and gravity-defying duo running in the circle wheel all left us stunned and amazed. It was quite the way to spend a Saturday...

Ron and I standing outside of Le Grand Chapiteau minutes before the show began!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A few of you know that Ron has never had the pleasure and the privilege of owning a "big boy car" with some of the basic amenities that you and I take for granted such as air conditioning, automatic locks and windows, and cruise control. He's only had the opportunity to own the basic, stripped down model of his cars over the years which is an absolute SHAME considering the fact that the man is over 40 years old! In my opinion, he is loooong over due for the big league on wheels. The one thing that he has really wanted as a reward for surviving this grueling school year is a brand new truck. Although we really should be upgraded my ancient Taurus to a "family car" as we hope to expand our family in the future, I have given him my happy and whole hearted consent to make such a purchase. He deserves nothing less! Since Ron is done with his UW classes and responsibilities, he has had a little more time on his hands this past 1.5 weeks and has dived head first into researching and testing a variety of trucks. Ron comes home every day from work with a new test driving tale to tell and a new stack of booklets, pamphlets, and brochures to peruse. As a result, this is the comic scene that I discovered last night while dashing downstairs on my way out the door to YW. I found my husband and daughter on the living room floor pouring over the most recently acquired stack of pamphlets on Chevy trucks. As you can see, Lia was just as interested in the whole affair as Ron was, pointing out her favorite features and offering her advice when needed. They make quite a team.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Missing: One Smile

Yesterday, I went to nursery at the end of church to pick up Lia where I learned that my daughter's smile had gone missing. Here is the story:
Miranda, one of the adults helping out in the nursery, was leading the little group of toddlers in singing a song about their smiles.
However, our little Lia chose not to participate while the rest of the group sang along.
When the song was over, Miranda then asked each child individually where their smile was located.
When it was Lia's turn, she responded very seriously, "I can't find it."
Oh dear.

The good news is that we quickly found it a few minutes later. Thanks heavens for that.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Day with Amy...

I have been blessed to find some very wonderful friends through the different stages of my life. My childhood is no exception where I met some girls that are kindred spirits to this day. One of these gals in my dear friend, Amy, who I met when I was only three years old! Although we grew up together and became good friends in high school, it really was solidified during our YEARS of being college roommates. We were attached at the hip during this time of our lives and the many memories still bring a smile to my face...
Anyways, it has been exactly three years since I have seen Amy, so what a thrill it was to finally come face to face with her again yesterday and meet her little boy for the first time! She had flown up to Eastern Washington last week to attend her nephew's high school graduation with many other members of her family. We had arranged in advance to meet up after the weekend's festivities. I picked her up yesterday at a friend's house of our mothers in central Washington and took Amy and her little one home with me for one night before she flew out this morning. What fun it was to see her again!

Amy and I with our mothers.

Back at the house, here we are with our little ones. Please notice Lia's tongue also making an appearance in the picture.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Helping Hands

Yesterday, the sun peaked out for the first time in three long, wet weeks. This was perfect timing as yesterday also marked the first Saturday in basically a year that Ron didn't have homework to do...making him available to help with yard work. Hallelujah! So, as a family, we set out to plant many a veggie starts in our four garden boxes. Lia was happy as a clam to be back outside again where she ran around for hours, assisting with various chores. The most precious activity had to be seeing her cover up earth worms (that we would throw her way) with dirt while wearing her lavender and pink "Dora the Explorer" gardening gloves.
I heart my daughter.
I heart warm, sunny evenings.
I heart homegrown vegetables.
Things are finally starting to look up after a very looooong and trying year!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

He Made It!

Well, folks, the day has finally arrived. Today marks Ron's LAST day of classes and responsibilities for his administrative certificate program at UW. I'm not sure how, but he actually survived 12 of the most grueling and exhausting months I have ever witnessed. Teaching full-time, schooling part-time, and interning hundreds of hours truly turned Ron into what we called "dead man walking" for most of this past year. However, I am happy to report that he made it and did so with flying colors, but is it any wonder that this is how I found him on our couch yesterday after he came home from work???
Congrats, Ron! Thank you for all of your sacrifices you made for us. We're so proud of you! Now, if he could only make it through the end of the work school year and tie down an asst. principal job, we'd be golden!

Ron and his entire cohort group today at their "final class" (a luncheon hosted by one of the professors at her unbelievable house). Aren't they so cute in their matching shirts? :-)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is this girl...

ready for summer or what?!

This little outfit (of swimsuit, shorts, and swim shoes) is what Lia requests to wear at least once a day! Too bad it's been raining nonstop for 2.5 weeks.