Saturday, July 16, 2011

Her First Movie...

One of Ron's requests during his month off was to take Lia to see her first movie in an actual movie theatre. I had remembered seeing previews for a new Winnie the Pooh movie coming out July 15th and so we made it a family date! The day arrived yesterday and we had a grand time. We even splurged and bought a small popcorn for a small fortune! Lia did a great job following the entire movie and didn't get bored (my one concern). She actually ended up on my lap halfway through the show and peppered me with questions every other minute for the remainder of the film. That girl...her mental wheels are always turning. However, I didn't mind as this was her day and her movie. It was a very sweet and simple film with some lines that actually made Ron and I laugh out loud. Oh, that Pooh. He still is cute after all these years. Until the next movie!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Camping on the Oregon Coast

After my good friend, Marianne, moved to Oregon this past year, we decided that it would be fun to go camping with her family this summer.  So we picked a date and a location and made it happen this past weekend.  We met them at the Beachside State Park just south of Waldport on the Oregon coast and thoroughly enjoyed two gorgeous days camping a stone's throw from the beach.  Lia had a great time playing with their two children, Josh and Hannah, and Ron and I enjoyed spending time with Marianne and her hubby, John while getting to know this beautiful stretch of coastline.  It definitely was a weekend to remember!

On July 9th, we spent most of the day at the beach.  Here are Ron and Lia exploring the coast on Ron's cruiser.

We spent many hours playing in the sand with Lia's collection of beach toys.
The happy Hartland family flying a kite.

Helping Lia fly her kite!

Playing on the driftwood near the campground.

Lia and Hannah getting cozy by the fire during breakfast time on Sunday morning, July 10th.

John trying out Lia's bad boy tricycle in the campground under her close supervision.

The glorious beach on Sunday morning!

More sand play!

Mama and daughter. 
Ron pausing from his morning ride for another family photo.

Lia and papa playing chase and...

I think papa won!
Twirling a very happy Lia around!

And up, up, up she goes!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Northwest Trek

One of Ron's requests during his month off was to take Lia to Northwest Trek: a wildlife park that is located about 30 minutes south of where we live on the way to Mount Rainier. Although I have known about this nature preserve since I was a child, I had never been--so it was a first for all three of us! We picked a day and packed a lunch and set out this past Wednesday to spend the morning there. We had a great time both on the walking tour and the tram tour ogling at all of the animals found in the park. Although it wasn't quite the Singapore Night Safari, it was a close second and I'm glad that we were able to share this place with Lia!

The Hartland fam after first arriving in the park.

Lia and Ron starting the walking tour where we observed many different types of animals in their designated areas.

Spotting a coyote.

Lia and I on the one-hour tram ride throughout the park.

A sheep that we saw on the tram tour.

A big horned ship grazing away.

A bison taking a snooze in the sun.

A close-up of another animal we spotted on our tram tour.

A mother and father trumpeter swan watching their nest.

We were lucky enough to actually see one of only four moose that live in the preserve. This one was walking right down the road as we drove by.

A caribou relaxing by a pond at the end of our tour.

We finished off our day there with a picnic lunch in the park!

What a fun way to spend a beautiful day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th of July at Lk Samm

Although it has been a tradition to celebrate the 4th of July at my family's property on Lake Sammamish since my grandpa purchased it in the 1960s, we have been out of town the past three years and have missed it. So, it was fun to be able to join in on the festivities the year on what turned out to be a glorious day! We drove up after Lia's nap and spent the afternoon playing in the water and on the beach, ate a delicious BBQ potluck dinner, went for a boat ride, and then finished off the evening by watching the fireworks bonanza on our beach and around the lake after the sun set. We didn't get home til almost midnight!

Lia going for a ride on the paddle boat with my cousin, Alyson, and her daughter, Lydia.

The girls cruising around the dock.

No 4th of July picnic is complete without some watermelon!

Lia and Vivi being silly during dinner.

Watching some of the kiddos getting tossed around on the tube!

Roasting smores while waiting for dusk to come.

Vivi and Lia settling in on the blanket before the fireworks begin.

And the fireworks begin!

This is what Lia thought of having to put her jacket it on after dark!

One of Phil's glorious illegal fireworks exploding in the night sky!

Every year, about 10:30 pm, a family right across the lake from our property puts on their own professional show for all to enjoy! Here it is starting up!

Some of the fireworks from across the lake. I felt like I was watching the Disney fireworks show!

More of the same.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daddy Daughter Day!

July brought the good weather and Ron's month off! Since July 1st turned out to be such a gorgeous day, he decided that it would be the perfect day for a daddy-daughter outing. He packed up Lia and a lunch and off they set for a day at the Pt. Defiance Zoo! Like any three-year old, Lia had the time of her life animal-gazing with her papa and I enjoyed a few hours to get some things done toddler-free. Thanks, papa, for a perfect start to our summer break!

No trip to the Pt. Defiance Zoo would be complete without a trip to feed the Budgies!

Since Lia has discovered Disney's Jungle Book recently, the tigers had a whole new meaning. Which one is Shere-Kan???

Enjoying the show.

The animal trainers doing their thing.

Walrus watching.

Reindeer gazing.

Playing on the giant spider web at the zoo's park.


And finishing off the perfect summer day with a massive ice cream cone!