Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

We wrapped up a fun and successful Halloween evening tonight.  After an early dinner and a quick photo shoot on the front porch, we headed out as a family to go trick-or-treating on our street.  Although we had torrential downpours both in the morning before school and then again after lunch, we were lucky to just have light sprinkling in the evening which was totally do-able.  Ella looked adorable in Lia's old Little Red Riding costume.  She kept on saying that she was a princess and I just let her run with the idea.  Logan was a wild and rangy Kylo Ren from the new Star Wars movie although he refused to wear the mask.  And, last but not least, Lia was a beautiful Cinderella from the newest version of the movie released in 2015 wearing the gorgeous dress and shoes that Lola bought her when she was out visiting us last summer.  The kids were troopers trick-or-treating up our hill and back down again.  Even little Ella refused to sit in the stroller in between doors after the first few houses.  It just cracks me up how she manages to keep up with the older kids the majority of the time!  After being out in the cold for almost one and a half hours, we returned home by 7:30 to spend the rest of the evening munching on candy, answering the door, and watching the first Karate Kid movie (a total classic and a request of Ron's).  We even let Logan and Lia stay up past 10 o'clock so that they could finish the movie!

The gang all dressed up and ready to go!

Liarella showing off her beautiful gown and sparkly slippers.

Kylo Ren striking a crazy pose.

Little Red looking so cute.

All four of Lia's American Girl Dolls even got dressed up for the occassion!  Marabella as a witch, McKenna as a mermaid, Caroline as Elsa, and Grace as Anna.

The kids and mom starting up the hill at the beginning of the evening.

Logan streaking past Lia while I was trying to get a picture of her.

Papa and the gang walking to one of our neighbor's houses.

The kids about to ring one a doorbell.

After coming back home, Ella discovered the Dracula teeth that she had gotten from one of the houses tonight.  Amazingly enough, she actually kept them in her mouth for several minutes after I first helped her to put them in.  It was so funny looking--especially with her cute costume on.  Ron named her 'Little Red Riding Hood-ula!"

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Parties Galore!

It's been a whirlwind few days as I have dragged the kids to and from a total of FOUR different Halloween activities or parties.  I just couldn't resist as they seemed to get such a kick out of dressing up in their costumes and heading out the door to the next party to get some more candy and to have some more fun.  It's been a good run and all we have left is the actual Halloween night.  After we are done with that, I think I will be ready for a break until next year!

Since I just signed Logan up at the YMCA a few weeks ago to take swim lessons during the morning time during his PreK year, we were able to attend two different Halloween activities (that we actually attended four years ago when Lia was the same age and taking swim lessons at the Y).  The first was a pee-wee parade around the YMCA on Thursday morning, October 27th.  I dropped off all three girls right on time at school and then dashed back up the hill to be there by 9 a.m.  We started off in the gymnastics room for some free play time.  This is one of only two pictures I got of Logan in his complete Kylo Ren outfit with his mask on the entire Halloween weekend.  Don't these two kids look so cute?

Although this picture is almost identical, I had to include it because of Logan giving me the thumb's up.  He totally thought of that all on his own.

This was Logan's and Ella's first time in the gymnastics room and they LOVED it!  They ran wild until it was time to line up for the parade.  Here they are on a teeter totter.

Ella checking out the rocking horse.

Logan discovering the trampoline "runway" that leads right into the massive pit of foam blocks.

Up, up, and away!  Logan did this many, many times while were were in the gymnastics room that morning.

And, of course, Ella had to try it because her older brother was doing it.  I swear that girl has no fear.

A close-up of my cutie in red.

Once the pee wee parade began, the children followed a designated route around the YMCA where employees were stationed at various spots to give the children candy.  Since Ella was too young to remember Halloween last year, it was really fun to see her get the hang of this trick-or-treating thing and enjoy it.  Here she is getting some candy from an Egyptian queen.

Logan and Ella getting candy from an employee dressed up as the Queen of Hearts.

My kiddos coming down the stairs to another person waiting below to hand out candy.

Logan and Ella trick-or-treating to a Halloween kitty cat.

Later that same day, Lia was able to join all of us back at the Y for an evening, Halloween Carnival.  It was exactly like the one we took Lia and a baby Logan to four years ago.  There were games stationed all around the indoor soccer field with several bounce houses at one end.  Here are the kiddos posing in a photo cutout when we first walked in the door.

Since Logan accidentally knocked over the photo cutout board by leaning up against it , he was feeling a little embarrassed and sheepish when I asked the kids to pose for the photographer in front of the photo backdrop.  This was as good as I could get from him...but the poor, little guy really trying to smile!

Of course, the kids wanted to head straight to the bounce houses after the pictures were taken.  Luckily, this snapped Logan right out of his bad mood!  Here is my Kylo Ren flying down the slide.

And my sweet Ella!

And, lastly, my Lia!

Look at that happy boy.

Lia was so cute with Ella and helped protect her from the other bouncing kids.  Here she is fixing Ella's cape.

The girls bouncing away.

After several minutes in the bounce houses, we worked our way around every booth in the entire building.  Here is Lia at the bean bag toss.

Logan throwing fabric ghosts into the witch's cauldrons.

Logan taking a shot at the putt putt golf.

Lia helping Ella with her turn.

Logan had to try his hand at basketball.

Since Lia is an old pro now with one basketball season under her belt, she grabbed that ball and threw it with confidence.  She nailed one of her three baskets, too!

Lia insisted on posing with the giant star.

The kids all wanted to try fishing for a treat.  Here is Logie Boy.

And Lia taking her turn.

And, lastly, Ella getting some help again from her big, older sister.

The next morning, October 28th, was Logan's preschool Halloween party.  Once again, we dropped the girls off at school and dashed back up the hill to get there in time for his party to begin.  This also was just like Lia's party four years ago in the exact same spot with the exact same teacher.  Logan and all of his classmates looked so adorable in their costumes.  I just can't believe how fast he is growing up!  Ella did a good job staying by my side while the kids participated in a quick program.  Here is Logan (in the middle) waiting for the party to begin.

The first thing the teachers had their students do was announce who they were dressed up as to the entire group one at a time.  Here is Logan telling everyone that he is dressed up as Kylo Ren with the help of Miss Vera at his side.

The kids then sang a few rehearsed songs to the group.  Here is Logan hesitantly starting his first song with Ella next to him.  

After the songs were sung, the party began!  The kids were able to go around the room to participate in all of the stations with different games and play in the blow-up haunted house.  This, of course, was Logan's favorite activity and also the first thing he wanted to check out.  Here he is with Ella in tow walking into the haunted house.

Logan walking out the back door of the haunted house with Ella behind him.

Logan knocking over the ghost pins with a little, bowling ball.

Ella doing the same.

Logan participating in the ring toss.

And Ella, too.

Logan picking up his candy after spinning the spinner.

Ella and Logan digging for candy.

Logan picking up which cup he thought the candy was hiding under.

Ella throwing a ball into the target.

The two kids "fishing" for treats again.

Logan posing with his new friend, Michael, and Ella inside the haunted house.  

Logan shooting another basket in a much lower hoop than the one from the night before.

Logan posing with his beloved teacher, Miss Vera, at the end of the party.

On Saturday, October 29th, our ward hosted a wonderful Halloween party.  Some years, we only get a trunk-or-treat, so I am always excited and grateful for the years when we get an actual Halloween party.  We started off the evening by eating a chili dinner with all of the fixings.  Here is papa eating with his girls at his side.

Logan insisted on having his picture taken, too.

After dinner, we went into some of the classrooms for some games.  Once again, here is Ella at the ring toss.

Logan at the bean bag toss.

Lia having a 'go' with the ring toss.

And Logan, too.

In another room, Ella and Logan loved keeping the balloon up in the air for as long as they could.

I just love this picture of Logan.  Talk about pure happiness.

The kids wouldn't let go of their balloons after the balloon game was over.

We eventually got Logan to put his balloon down to battle it out with Lia while balancing on a board with some lightsabers.

Look how happy he is in this picture!

We also convinced Lia's good friend, Bella, to take a turn.

In the meantime, Logan crawled around with two, red balloons and was as happy as a clam.  Oh that boy.

We eventually wandered back into the gym for the kids to try to eat some giant marshmallows.  Logan was not a fan.

I then walked with the girls in a costume parade while Logan hid in a corner.  I thought Lia and Ella were two of the cutest girls there that night although they didn't win a prize.

My girls and me.

Walking around the room.

We finally finished off the evening by heading outside to go trunk-or-treating to all of the cars parked in the church parking lot.  The most impressive set up had to be the plumber in our ward who brought his large van and sent the candy down through a pipe to every single child.  Here is Lia catching her candy after he sent it down her way!

Logan and Lia getting more candy from another person in our ward.
Feeeyooh!  And that's a wrap for the Halloween parties in 2016!