Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Day at the Beach

Since Lia's Memorial Day weekend had an extra day off (due to an unused snow day), I decided that we needed to go on another adventure.  The weather forecast was for another beautiful, warm day, so I decided to take the kiddos to our favorite, local beach on the Puget Sound.  I invited my mom to come down and join us for the day and we had such a fun time together.  We went in the morning before it go too hot and it was just perfect out on the beach.  It wasn't too cold, it wasn't too warm, and the light breeze felt wonderful.  We enjoyed a morning of playing in the sand and on the playground, eating a picnic lunch, and just soaking up the beautiful scenery. It was the perfect way to spend the day!

Ella fell in love with the playground and spent the majority of the morning climbing around on it.  Luckily, it was right next to where we camped out on the beach so that I was able to keep one eye on her and one eye on Logan and Lia who spent most of their time playing in the sand.  Here is my sweet, baby girl at the bottom of the slide.

Lia, Logan, and Ella posing on the slide.

Logan running down to the water's edge.

Ella steering the wheel.

Two, cute sisters at play in the sand.

Shockingly, Logan suggested that he be in the picture with the girls and I, of course, obliged!

Lia leaping off of some driftwood.

And Logan doing the same.

The kiddos with grandma.

The kids eating lunch on a log.

All three children swinging on the awesome, old swing set that is found at the little park.  It's perfect since it has two large seats and two baby seats...so all three of them can swing at the same time.

A group photo with the kids and me before packing up to head home for nap time.  We sure are ready for summer!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Fishing

Although we have taken the kids to go fishing two times in the past month, they have yet to catch anything.  Fearing that they would "loose their steam," Ron decided that it was time to provide an opportunity for Lia and Logan to go fishing and actually catch a fish.  So, after doing some online research, Ron found a farm in Spanaway that boasts two very stocked fishing ponds that basically guarantee your child a chance to catch a fish.  So, we decided to give Old McDebbie's Farm a chance and had a fabulous time!  The weather was a amazing and the kids had so much fun exploring the farm and all of the different animals and playing on their huge park before giving the fishing a try.  And, to our amazement, both Logan and Lia caught fish and rather quickly, too!  It was so fun to see their excitement as they reeled in their fish and Ron and I had a great time tonight dining on fresh trout.  Needless to say, we can't wait to go to Old McDebbie's again!

When we first got there, the kids immediately wanted to check out the bunny.  We were actually allowed to go inside the cage and pet it, too!

Ron and the kids on one of the bridges that crosses the first of two fishing ponds.

The kids and Ron wandering through the barn and looking at the funny goats who were sticking their heads out of their pens.

Logan and Ella getting in on some duck racing fun.

Ella driving the old, speedboat that is inside the large sandbox.

Logan jumped in and took over.  Ella wasn't too happy about this.

Ron pushing Logan around in one of the cars.  Look how happy that boy is!

Mama doing the same with Ella.

Logan playing on one of the giant scooper toys.

Lia and Ella petting a cute, black pig.

The girls swinging away.

Logan climbing up the ladder.

Going for a ride in another little boat with Captain Logan at the helm.

Lia posing with a scarecrow outside the garden.

And the fishing begins!  Logan waiting for his first nibble with papa at his side. 

Papa helping Lia cast out.

Our cute fishergirl giving me a smile.

He did it!  Logan showing off his beautiful trout before Ron unhooks it.

Lia showing off her fish, too!

Lia's fish laying on the grass after being unhooked from the line.

Lia posing with her big catch.

Our fishergirl heading out with our bounty in the bucket.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lia's Piano Recital

Today we attended Lia's first piano recital held at our church.  After deciding last minute to enroll her in piano lessons this fall, it has been an exciting year watching Lia learn how to play the piano.  Lia has loved it so much that she asks me almost every day if she can practice.  And on the days that she doesn't remember, I only have to remind her once before she goes flitting off to the piano.  I never have had to nag once and even when her practicing is done, Lia can be found tickling the ivories at any moment throughout the day just one of her favorite songs.  I just love the music that she brings into our home every day and love seeing my little girl developing a talent that hopefully she will use throughout her life.  I'm so proud of you, Lia!

Lia waiting in her designated spot in the chapel before the recital began.

Lia and two of her friends, Mollie and Alyssa, who also take piano from the same teacher.

Lia at the front of the chapel announcing the first of the two songs she chose to play.

Heading back to the piano to begin.

Lia playing away!  She looked so cute playing at the large, grand piano.

After the recital was over, we gathered in the foyer for refreshments.  Here is Lia with her teacher, Tifanni Berbert.

Lia and her friends from church and school who all take lessons from Sister Berbert:  Isabel, Alyssa, Lia, Mollie, and Mollie's little sister, Gabriella. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Our Little Rocky

It is no secret that Ella thinks she is way older than she really is.  And to top it off, she is extremely coordinated and fearless which can be a very dangerous combination--especially when trying to keep up with her older brother and sister.  She honestly thinks that she can do anything they do.  She copies them all the time from what they say to what they do to what they want.  Most of the time, it's just down right hilarious.  However, yesterday's shenanigans were far from hilarious.
It was another beautiful spring day and the children were all outside playing in the backyard while I was getting ready to make dinner before Lia's evening softball game.  Apparently, Logan had started jumping off of the little wall behind our basketball hoop into the flower bed below.  As to be expected, Ella started doing the same thing and face planted into the bushes after one of these jumps.  By the time Lia brought her screaming to me in the kitchen, there was blood all over her face!  It was rather scary as I initially had no idea where the blood was coming from.  After several wipes, I could see a deep cut just below her eye.  We eventually calmed her down, found her pacifier and blanket, and decided to skip watching Lia play in her softball game.  The poor, little thing.  And, to top it all off, she woke up today with a totally swollen, black eye.  She really looks like she has been in a bar fight with someone.  In fact, Ron is calling her our little, Rocky.

Sweet, little Ella proudly showing off her bruiser.

Oh, don't you just want to kiss that boo boo?!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Siblings at Play!

We have finally turned a corner in the past few months as Ella has gotten old enough to begin playing with her older siblings.  Several times a week, I can find all three of our kiddos happily playing with each other.  It just warms my heart as I feel like we waited a LONG time to have a playmate for Lia...and now she has two!  It has been particularly fun to watch our kids play together in the backyard during these warm spring days we have been having lately.  And, today was one of them.  All three kids ran outside after Lia got home from school and after Logan and Ella woke up from their naps.  The kids were being hilarious as Ella was rocking her new sunglasses, Logan was sliding down the slide on our sled, and Lia was running around with a pole acting like Ray from the new Star Wars movie.  It was one of those classic moments in motherhood and I had to run out and snap a few pictures before it passed.  So, here are a few!

Cool, girl Ella in her shades.

Logan relaxing in his new Star Wars camping chair from the platform on our play set.

Lia giving me her best "Ray pose."

Logan sliding down on the sled.  Yes, he thought of this all on his own.

Climbing up the ladder for some more fun.

Giving mom their best pose.
Oh, how I love these kiddos!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Big 4-0

Well, it actually happened.  I turned forty today.  I know that everyone says this, but it's true...I don't feel forty.  I don't think I look forty.  And I am still chasing around little children.  So, how can I be forty?  Who the heck knows.  I have chosen not to invest too much time or energy pondering this puzzling event in my life.  Instead, I have chosen to just accept it and move on...
So, with that said, my fortieth birthday fell yet again on Mother's Day.  So, it was a combo deal this year and, overall, it really was a pleasant day.  In fact, the day before was a wonderful day, too, but I didn't take any pictures.  Sometimes, I just like to live in the moment instead of being behind a camera.  On Saturday, I took the three kids to the first gardening class of the season.  The weather was gorgeous and sunny, so it was so nice to be outside in a beautiful garden learning about dinosaurs with my kids.  After wards, I brought them home and dropped them off to Ron and dashed away to a fabulous, outside Mother's Day luncheon in a park with a bunch of ladies from church.  You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and setting.  It was so nice to eat delicious food outside while chatting with some of my favorite people in this town.  After  the luncheon, I came home and picked up Logan and Lia and took them to the movie theater to see Disney's new Jungle Book movie.  We seriously go to the movies two or three times a year, so this was a treat.  We bought popcorn and root beer and had a grand old time watching this new version of a beloved favorite of ours.  After the movie, we came home and got Ella up from her nap.  Everyone put on their swimsuits and played in the baby pool and the sprinklers in the backyard while Ron made us dinner.  It was pure heaven for me.  We finished up the evening by eating a delicious, BBQ dinner outside on the deck.  It was a perfect way to wrap up my thirties!

We started off my actual birthday morning with Ron and Lia making me breakfast.  They treated me to eggs, sausage, fruit, and cinnamon rolls.  We ate in the dining room and it was delicious!

A picture of my breakfast before I devoured it!

Lia striking a funny pose.

And, of course, Logan followed.

Sweet Ella laughing along their sides.

The "generous" card the kids and Ron had waiting for me.

After breakfast, we opened up the few birthday/Mother's Day gifts they had wrapped for me.  Although the big gift for my 40th is a trip to Hawaii, the kids and Ron were nice enough to give me a few more presents.

Lia painted me a beautiful picture of a bouquet of flowers at school.  

Hugging my cuties before opening another gift.

Logan showing off one of my gifts--a battery tester.  I know, it's a strange present, but my other one died and I needed a new one!

After breakfast and gifts, we got all pretty for church and snapped a few pictures outside before leaving.  Here I am with the three reasons why I am a mom.

A close-up of my cuties and me.

And another close-up with a better smile on Logan's face!

After church, we headed up to my parents' house for dinner with Eric's family.  My mother kindly offered to forgo her Mother's Day to host my milestone birthday dinner.  Yes, she is the best.  After a delicious lamb dinner (my request), we opened a few more gifts.  Here I am reading a card from Eric and Rebecca with Lia and Logan looking on.

Showing off the new set of knives my parents got me!

And a new jacket.

My mom was also able to open up her Mother's Day gifts.

Grandma reading a card with Lia and Vivi at her side.

A close-up of two of my favorite people.

Grandpa entertained Ella and Logan for much of the gift opening.  My kids can never get enough of grandpa and his paddles!

Grandma and my girls.

We finished off the evening with me blowing out FORTY candles (thanks, Bryce) on the strawberry shortcake my mom made for me.

Blowing away!  I actually got them all out in one breath which is probably a good thing since I am sure the fire alarm was about to go off!