Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dump Run

We are in the midst of checking a guhzillion items off of our to-do list before moving and one of them was to get rid of the defunct hot tub that has been broken and sitting in our yard for almost six years now.  After debating the best possible ways to get rid of this massive nuisance, Ron decided to just go for it yesterday morning.  He took as much of the hot tub apart that he could, then rolled it to the truck, loaded it up (with the help of a neighbor), and drove it off to the dump.  In fact, the entire family accompanied him for this event.  It was quite something to watch him unload it onto a massive pile of garbage and just drive away.  Who knew getting rid of a hot tub could be this "easy?"  We should have done this five years ago!  Oh well.  Now it's on to the next project.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spokane Getaway

We joined Ron a second year in a row in Spokane for his WSAA conference.  We just like having an excuse to stay in a hotel with a pool for free and eating out on someone else's tab.  Lia loves the pool, Ron loves the cable in the hotel room, and I love not having to do dishes for three days.  We enjoyed our little getaway and are now safely home and ready to focus on packing up this house and moving in a few weeks!  Yikes!

Ron and the kiddos crossing the Spokane River on our way to  the downtown park.

Of course, we had to visit the goat and feed him some trash when we first arrived at the Riverfront Park.

Logie is now become a pro at walking around with sneakers on.  He loved playing at the park each time we visited it.

Lia sliding down the cool slide attached to the giant, red wagon.

Logan and Ron's turn!
The boys saying 'hi' from atop the wagon!

Mama taking a turn with Logan.

Climbing on the giant blocks.

Helping Logie navigate across the blocks.

 We wandered down to the river to visit the ducks and geese.

And to feed them.

Some ladies were nice enough to give us several pieces of bread to feed the foul.
We stopped at the mall for some ice cream.

And returned later on to eat at the kaiten-sushi restaurant where the food circles around the restaurant on a conveyer belt the entire time.  So much fun!
I had to take a picture of Lia in her "hideout" in the hotel room as this is where she spent quite a bit of time during the day.  Logan was not able to fall asleep for his morning or afternoon naps with Lia and I walking around room distracting him.  So, I would hang out in the bathroom while Lia went into the coat closet until he would fall asleep.  She absolutely loved this little place and enjoyed watching movies and eating lunch in there.  Thank heavens I have such a cooperative daughter at times who can be quiet during naptime! 

We visited the park several times and, of course, had to take a spin around the carousal!  Here is Lia ready to go!

Logan getting ready to take his first ride on a carousal!

Around they go!

We took our little mermaid to the pool many times for some fun in the water.  She honestly would spend all day in a pool if we let her. 

Swimming away!

Logan loved walking around the edge of the pool as much as he enjoyed swimming in it.

Lia showing off one of her many different jumps into the water!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hawaiian Family Reunion 2013

We just returned from our second family reunion with my side of the family in Kihei, Maui.  All twenty-two of us were able to go for a week and we had a glorious time playing at the beaches, swimming in the pools, and just enjoying the warm, balmy weather.  Here are some pictures of our week in paradise...

As predicted, Lia's and Logan's favorite activity was playing in the pool.  Many a mornings and afternoons were spent this way.  Here I am with my little fishes.

Playing with Logan in the pool while big sister tries to get in on the fun (a regular occurrence).

Ron tossing Lia in the air.

Our cool boy just chillin' in his fish floatie.

We learned that one of our favorite places to hang out was the large, grassy area outside our condominium.  It was perfect for Logan to walk on and the other kids to play games on.  Here is Logan strutting his stuff.
And he's off!
Lia was much braver this trip to Hawaii than her first and actually ventured into the ocean several times.  She loved to play a game she made up called "Queen of the Waves" which involved her running back and forth with the surf.  Her older cousin, Garrett, was kind enough to play this with her a couple of times.

The queen of the waves.

Lia swimming in the grandparents' pool with Bryce, Garrett, and Vivi.

The gang gathering around grandma.
Uncle Tip tossing Lia into the pool!

The triplets and Lia doing "pencil dives" into the pool.

The silhouettes of Grandma, Lia, Vivi, and Callie against the Pacific.

Lia, my mom, some of the girls, and me hanging out before eating dinner and celebrating Spencer's 16th birthday in their condo.

The cousins playing tag out on the grassy area during the birthday party.

The glorious sunset on Spencer's birthday.  What a way to celebrate the big 16!

The birthday boy and Logan.  As always, Spencer was a big help with Logan that week.

Grandma joined us on a walk one morning out to the jetty that was next to our condo.

A family photo with a grumpy Lia.
Logan hitched a ride on my shoulders on our walk back.

Introducing Logan to the surf.

The view from our condo's lanai. 

This was a common sight each morning from our lanai--Lia and papa swimming in the pool while I stayed in the room during Logan's morning nap.  Aren't they so cute?

While most of the group spent a 15-hour, marathon day exploring the Hana Road, we stayed back "home" and went to the Polo Beach in the afternoon.  This is where Logan was introduced to sand for the first time and really got a kick out of it.  Here is Lia, Logan, and Trenton hanging out on a towel before getting thoroughly covered in sand.

My two keikis playing away.  Just precious. 
The Hartland fam on Polo Beach.
I think this is my favorite picture from our entire week in Hawaii--Logan covered in sand and happy as can be.

Ron tossing Logan up in the air!

Lia entertained herself for many minutes on Polo Beach running and dancing around while singing to herself.  It was the funniest thing to watch.  Here is one picture I managed to snap of her.

And another picture.  Check out that artistic pose!
Grandpa playing with Logie.
Papa playing with Logan in the surf with Lia at their side.

Another morning, Lia accompanied me down to "the dumps" (one of my family's favorite snorkeling spots) while Ron stayed home with a napping baby.  Here we are traversing down the lava-rock path to the beach.

I was grateful that Lia happily played on the beach while I snorkled with Spencer.  We saw three turtles that morning!

Most of the gang on the beach after our morning snorkel was complete.

Another morning, the entire gang made the trek up the coast to Honolua Bay--a snorkel spot my family found back in 1988.  One of my favorite parts of the beach is the cool walk you have to take through a very lush jungle.  Here is some of my family posing amongst the vines.
The Hartland fam down on Honolua Bay.

Logan and Lia digging into the sand.

Some of the group getting ready to snorkel.

Lia enjoyed playing in the creek on the beach with Vivian for quite some time.

How we found Logan one afternoon in our condo's kitchen.  Silly boy.  He's never tried that at home. :-)

Grandma invited the kiddos over to Brent's and Susie's room one night for root beer floats.  Logan was as interested in the lawn chairs as he was in the yummy drink!

Lia and the triplets drinking their root beer floats out on the fabulous lawn.

Papa tossing Lia in the air!

Our little family enjoyed a walk on the nearby Keawakapu Beach one morning. 

 A close-up of our little family.

Logan sporting the cool, tie-dyed hat that we custom ordered from the Farmer's Market last summer.  It's pretty cool with the blue flames, isn't it?

Lia playing back in our pool with her Montana cousins and Aunt Susie.

We went shopping one morning and visited the outdoor market that we discovered last time.  We decided to stop and get some "shave ice" before wandering through all of the booths.  Lia and Logan loved it!

Logan devouring some shave ice with vanilla ice cream.  Yum!
Shopping away!

Our little family spending time on Keawakapu Beach with some of the cousins.

Lia playing with Garrett, Riley, and Trenton.

We managed to hit up our favorite breakfast place, the Kihie Caffe, one morning for their delicious French toast and eggs on fried rice.  It was so delicious!

After breakfast, we walked to the park across the street and spent some time on the playground.  This was Logan's first time playing in a park and he loved it!
The gang swinging away.

Lia climbing a cool tree in the park.

Lia playing "Queen of the Waves" one more time with her cousins before they had to catch their flight home!
Callie, Riley, Lia, and Garrett awaiting the next wave.

And here it comes!

Mama even joined in for some of the fun.

This is how I found my mother on our last full day in paradise--out on the lawn reading a book!  I just loved how she looked with the the palm tree shadows on the grass.

 After the majority of my family left (with the exception of my parents), we spent our last evening driving up to the mall in Lahaina to attend the weekly, free hulu show.  Logan was almost as interested in watching the show as Lia.  It was a fun way to end our time in Hawaii. 
Thanks everyone for a wonderful week in Hawaii!  Until next time...