Monday, July 30, 2012

Round Four in Ocean Shores!

We just returned from our fourth annual camping trip to the Washington coast.  This was Logan's first time camping and our second time going with our good friends, Scott and Wendy, and their family.  We lucked out on the weather again--we actually had some blue skies both Saturday and Sunday afternoon!  As always, we had a great time.  We just love camping--cooking over a fire, playing at the ocean, and sleeping in a tent are always highlights for Lia and us.  Unfortunately, I gave Logan my cold a few days prior to leaving, so he woke up both nights totally stuffed up and not happy.  So Ron and I spent quite a bit of time trying to get him back to sleep.  Poor, little guy.  But, overall, we survived and made some great memories.

Logan hanging out in the pack 'n play while we set up our camp!

Lia posing with Logan while Ron tried to figure out how to put up our new, "big family" tent!

Lia has gotten into taking pictures lately--especially silly ones.  Here are Logan and me posing for her.

Lia and Brian coloring away in our tent.

The kids exploring the massive area behind our campground while dinner was being prepared.

The Hartland fam sitting around the campfire.

We enjoyed a morning at the beach on Saturday.  This is how we (well, Ron really) managed to get our children out there.  Talk about heavy laden.

Lia and me on the beach.

A cute, family picture.

Lia decided to join the crazy boys in the ocean.  Although she did not don her swimsuit, she frolicked in the surf for quite sometime before getting thoroughly chilled.

Lia, Brian, and Andrew.

And they're off again!

Playing in the sand.

Flying a kite while Lia gets warmed up.

Lia and Rachel cleaning their shells they found on the beach.

Lia playing in our tent back at the campground.

We were in charge of making Saturday's dinner.  Here is Lia and Ron working on our chicken and rice dinner and banana crumble dessert.  Soooo good.  I just love how wild and bohemian Ron looks.  This is what happens to him after having a month off of work.

Lia, Rachel, Brian, Wendy, and Scott enjoying dinner.

Hanging out around the campfire!

On Sunday morning, we returned back out to the beach for one last frolic before packing up and heading home.  Here is our adorable boy in the backpack carrier.

Our diva working hard on her shell project.

Little Logan strikes a pose!

Lia playing in one of the streams that flows to the ocean.

A carefree girl in her element.

Lia up on the "bridge."

As always, the day would not be complete without some jumping!  Here is our girl doing what she does best before we left the ocean until next summer...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our July Trip to Priest Lake!

We were home for four days from our California trip before we headed out to Priest Lake for the next ten days.  July is Ron's month off, so we really try to make the most of it.  We were at the cabin with my parents the entire time and were joined by Natalee and the kids (sans Chris and Garrett who were on a scout trip) for five of the days.  We had a good run this month.  We got to introduce Logan to our favorite summer spot and Lia loved her cousin time.  Since her swim lessons this past spring, Lia was much braver in the water this summer.  She loved jumping off into the "deep end" of the dock and even went inner tubing behind the boat for the first time.  I couldn't believe it when she agree to go with her older cousin, Brynn!  Overall we loved our July trip to Priest Lake and can't wait to head back up next month!

The Hartland fam out on the dock.

Rylie, Lia, and Callie waiting to head out in the boat.

Lia cruising back with grandma at the helm.

Lia and Riley swimming while the girls paddled around on the kayak.

A happy girl in the water.

Mother and daughter swimming along.

Logan joining us down at the beach while in the handy, backpack carrier after one of his many naps up at the cabin.  We have almost the exact same picture of Lia from four years ago.

Logan chilling in the sun.

Once again, the baby tent pulled through with flying colors providing a comfortable and shady spot for Logan to relax while hanging out on the dock.

Riley and Logan.

Playing in the inner tube.

Grandma and Lia on the beach.

Lia and Brynn playing in the sand.

Lia, Brynn, and Riley working hard on the beach under grandma's supervision.

This was a spot where Logan was found many times during our vacation.  He was a big fan of the swing and its glorious views.

The kiddos enjoying dinner out on the deck.

Logan's first boat ride!

Logan "enduring" the life jacket.

Lia's first ride on the inner tube behind the boat.  Look at that smile on her face!

Lia and Brynn with their grandma.

Another picture of the baby cousins.  It's hard to believe that they will be running around like mad men next summer!

We soon gave Lia and Riley the name the "Smother Brother Brigade" after we realized that they both love smothering their baby brothers with a little too much love all of the time.  Here they are crowding into the picture I was trying to take of just the babies. 

The Hartland boys hanging out on the dock.

The Hartland fam swinging away!