Monday, July 24, 2017

Annual Trip to Priest Lake

We just returned home yesterday from our annual family trip to Priest Lake.  Like always, it was so nice to be up there and we had such a great time.  My parents joined us for our entire stay and the weather was stunning almost the whole time.  The one cooler day of the week, Ron took the older two kids to Silverwood Theme Park all day long.  They had a great time on the rides and in the water park and enjoyed going on this adventure together.  We really loved our time playing in the water and in the sun and spending quality time with our kids and my parents.  Here are some pictures of our stay in no particular order...

For some reason, Logan got a kick out of "reading" the safety card found in one of the boat pockets.  I found him looking at it several times during our stay at the lake.  Such a silly boy.

Grandma and the kids sitting together on one of our boat rides.

A sibling hug from the bow of the boat.

The kids really enjoyed the new paddle boards that my mom bought this summer.  They were so cute paddling along together.

Three peas in a pod.

Ella was so brave jumping into the water without help and swimming along with her life jacket on.  She never ceases to amaze me.  Here she is with Lia swimming along her side.

Cute Logan walking up to the beach.

Logan leaping off of the paddle board.

The kids playing in the sand.

Ella playing with the sand toys.

Logan doing the same.

Ella and Logan from afar.

Lia and I getting ready to take a dip in the lake.

Lia and I leaping off the dock together.

Lia balancing on papa's shoulders.  I used to do this with Ron back when we didn't have children, so it's fun to see him do the same thing with Lia.

Logan and Lia enjoying the water together.

Lia and Logan leaping into the water together while holding hands.  I just love this picture.

Logan climbing back up with a smile on his face.

Our three cuties together.

Ella getting ready to jump into my arms.

And there she goes!

Logan, Lia, and me posing in our favorite lake.

For the first time ever, Logan and Ella really enjoyed playing together with the toys found in the TV room.  They enjoyed setting up an elaborate Dora set and spent several hours playing with the My Little Ponies and Dora figures.

Smiling for the camera.

Lia spent a lot of her free time in the cabin reading Harry Potter #5.  Here she is reading on her top bunk bed.

We enjoyed going to Upper Priest Lake one afternoon while we were there.  The scenery never gets old.

Cute Logan in the boat.

And cute Lia.

And we can't forget cute Ella!

I convinced Lia to go out into the deep end with me one morning for a peaceful cruise on the paddle board.

And, we're off!

Waving to grandma on the dock.

Brave Ella jumping into the water alone.

Giving me a big smile as she climbs back up.

Lia and Logan got a kick out of trying to strike crazy poses while jumping off of the dock.  Here is Lia's awesome pose.

And, Logan's hilarious one, too.

One of our few Hartland fam photos from the week.

Logan and Lia enjoying our toy fishing poles.

Lia casting out while Logan reels his line back in.

Logan smiling for me while wearing grandma's awesome bucket hat.

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