Saturday, September 9, 2017

Lia's First Soccer Game

Lia started her soccer practices this season on August 7th after driving home from Priest Lake most of the day.  Since then, she has been practicing every Monday and Wednesday evening in very hot, 80 or 90 degree weather.  She has been a total trooper and has never complained once.  In addition, although we stayed with the same soccer organization again this year, I transferred Lia to a different team that practices only 10 minutes away from our house (in comparison to the the school where she practiced last year that is 25-35 minutes away from our home depending on traffic).  Lia bravely joined this new team where she didn't know anyone and most of the teammates already knew each other from the previous year.  I am so proud of how hard she has worked and for her positive attitude.
Today was Lia's first game.  Although she was a little timid, she did a good job chasing the ball and defending her girl.  Like last year, I am sure that Lia will continue to get more confident and aggressive as the season progresses.  Here is to many more action packed and fun filled games for our soccer player!

Lia looking down the field.

Waiting for the ball.

Walking down the field.

Lia chasing the ball.

Lia assisting her teammate.

Fighting her opponent.

Running after the ball.

A big kick.

Running down the field.

Fighting for the ball.

More chasing after the ball.

High fiving the other team after the game is over.

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  1. Lacey LOVES soccer! I think this is her 8th season. This will give them something to talk about in their pen pal letters!