Thursday, September 7, 2017

Logan Lost His First Tooth!

Since Lia didn't lose her first tooth until the December of her 1st grade year, it was no where on my radar for Logan to lose his first tooth.  So you can imagine my surprise when he came up to me while we were at Priest Lake for our family reunion during the first week of August to show me a loose tooth.  Apparently, he had been hit in the mouth by a pillow while playing with his older cousin, Riley.  Either the impact of the pillow loosened his tooth OR it just made Logan aware of the fact that his tooth had already started to loosen.  Regardless, I was pretty surprised when I reached down and wiggled it with my finger.  Unlike Lia who was absolutely thrilled to have her first wiggly tooth (due to the fact that she had to wait years after her friends started losing their teeth), Logan was a bit unsure and hesitant.  Since he doesn't like change, he did not welcome this wiggly friend in his mouth.  From that day on, he would normally make his little whiny noises every time he would show me how wiggly it was.  As the weeks wore on, we suddenly discovered that it was hanging on by a thread this week.  Logan was very worried about this and wouldn't let any of us touch it.  In fact, the stress of him starting school and losing his first tooth almost brought him to tears more than once.  On top of it all, I started to worry that Logan would lose his first tooth during his first day of school which would make for a very traumatic experience for him!  Needless to say, I was totally relieved when Logan woke up the day BEFORE his first day of school with his tooth missing!
I went into Logan's room this morning to get him out of bed.  While laying there, he opened up his mouth and showed me the hole where his tooth used to be.  I immediately started screaming out of excitement and then started asking him where it was.  He wouldn't say anything to me (except for his whiny sounds), but got out of bed and walked over to his dresser.  He then proceeded to open up a little box that he keeps there and dump out all of its little contents.  After these little items spilled all over his dresser top, we searched and searched and couldn't find his tooth.  Logan then got upset, ran back to his bed, and hid under his covers.  After trying to get him to talk for a good minute or two, I started to panic that he had swallowed it in his sleep which would be pretty disappointing for his first tooth!  I mean, who wants to put nothing under their pillow for their first visit from the tooth fairy?!  I tried over and over again to get Logan to tell me if he knew what had happened to his tooth, but he jut kept whining under his covers.  After looking through the blankets in his bed and on the floor around his bed, I decided to walk back to the dresser to search again.  After picking up another little toy on top of his dresser, I found the tooth laying under it!  Hooray!  I was so relieved.
At this point, Lia and Ella had come into Logan's room.  The three of us all started celebrating while Logan stayed hidden in his blankets in his bed.  Oh that boy.  He just does the funniest things sometimes.  Lia and I immediately started talking about the visit he was going to get from the tooth fairy tonight and about the money he was going to find under his pillow.  None of this really consoled him.  After several minutes, Logan finally started talking and this was the story he told us:  He woke up in the middle of the night with his tooth laying on his tongue.  He got up out of bed to come and find me, but was too scared to walk down the hallway in the dark.  So, instead he put his tooth inside the little box on top of his dresser, climbed back into his bed, and fell asleep.  How cute is that?  I love how Logan can be so careful and responsible when he wants to and this was no exception.  I am also so amazed that he didn't swallow his tooth!  Regardless, Logan was finally excited to write a note to the tooth fairy tonight and put it under his pillow.  I can't wait to see his reaction tomorrow when he finds his $2 and a note from THREE different boy, tooth fairies named Toby, Tommy, and Terry.

Logan showing off his newly formed hole and tooth.

A close-up of his hole.

And a close-up of his tooth.

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