Monday, May 22, 2017

Another Installment of Loganisms

I have been collecting a list of funny words and comments that Logan has said or still is saying for over a year now.  I probably should have separated this post into one for 2016 and one for 2017 since several of these things were said last year, but for simplicity's sake I am going to just combine them into one long, funny post!
One of Logan's funniest personality traits that keeps us laughing all the time is that he makes up words all the time.  Sometimes he just will use one made-up word and others times he will use several in a row.  Our favorites to date (that have actually been around for many, many months) are "minky" and "pooty nook."  We have added these words to our family vocabulary and use them on a regular basis--especially pooty nook.  Besides made up words, here are a list of words and phrases that have kept us laughing over the past year of so....
1.  "Floggy" for foggy
2.  "Nail clip" for finger nail
3.  "Helmet" for hood on a jacket or sweatshirt
4.  "Mosquitoes" for Skittles candy
5.  "Flippers" for slippers
6.  "Pinky eye" for pink eye
7.  "Village" for town
8.  "Park" for our playground in the backyard
9.  "Comfy warmy" for Logan's favorite, blue blanket
10.  "Blobber" for a fishing bobber
11.  "Honeyhive" for beehive
12.  "Tomorning" for tomorrow morning
13.  "Ecking" for the gagging sound that he makes while eating foods he doesn't like
14.  "It's Coldee" for "It's cold"
15.  "I want to play up" for "I want to dress up"
16.  "Will you clean it?" for "Will you dry it?"
17.  "Is it mines?" for "Is it mine?"
18.  "Don't sting yourself" for "Don't burn yourself"
19.  "It's not a real hurt." (when he hurt himself, but not too badly)
20.  "Look how I stop.  I just scrabble my feet on the ground." (after showing us how he stops the swing from going back and forth)
21.  "How come grandma and grandpa don't have any kids?" (after leaving the grandparent's house one time)
22.  "I wish Heavenly Father put a button to roll up and down the window in every car." (after complaining that the back windows in our minivan do not open)
23.  "You're too hard.  You've got a lot of bones in you." (after telling me to get out of his bed when cuddling with him one night)
24.  "When I was burping, hot smoke came out of my nose." (after drinking soda)
25.  "I can't hear you.  I have a bubble in my ear." (while taking a shower in the locker room after swimming lessons)
26.  "It looks like I have a purse." (his initial observation about his sling after breaking his arm)
27.  "The juice is turning my icebergs black!" (describing what happened to the color of the ice cubes in his cup of root beer)

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