Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mother-Son and Daddy-Daughter Dances!

Although our stake has been hosting a Daddy-Daughter dance for several years now, they have never hosted a Mother-Son Dance until this year.  I was tickled to hear about this change since Logan is now old enough to participate in such things.  I had also totally spaced on that fact that Ella was now old enough to accompany Lia and Ron for the first time ever.  Thankfully, Lia made the connection a few weeks ago and also pointed out that they should wear matching dresses (which is what a lot of sisters do when they go to this dance).  Luckily, Costco still had a decent selection of Easter dresses left over which allowed me to find a size 3 and a size 10 in the same dress for a very reasonable price.
 So, Logan and I headed out Friday night for our date and Ron and the girls headed out last night on their date.  I took Logan to Chic-fil-A for dinner and Ron took the girls to Sonic for theirs.  We all had a grand time dining in our cars before heading over to the church for refreshments, dancing, and pictures.  Logan was a super cute date.  He was so pleasant and agreeable and I could tell that he really appreciated the one-on-one time he got with me that night.  After eating our chocolate milk and cookies, he even agreed to dance a few songs with me on the dance floor (with his cast and all) before declaring that he was ready to go home.  I really had such a fun time with him.  In addition, the girls were absolutely adorable in their matching dresses.  They got the biggest kick out of walking down our stairs several times before leaving so that they could see their "trains" trailing behind them.  They loved eating in the car with papa and had a great time dancing together on the dance floor.  If only I could have seen the  two of them in action!

My cute boy all dressed up in his casual, Sunday clothes with his bright, blue cast.

A cute Logan flashes me a smile while eating his dinner from the front seat.  It was so cute to have him come up to the front and sit next to me.

Eating our cookies from the side of the dance floor.

Our picture that we had taken on our way out at the end of the evening.

Lia and Ella walking down the stairs with their trains trailing behind them.  Lia even borrowed my fancy purse that I bought years ago whie on our Caribbean cruise to use for the evening.

Little sister and big sisters.  Don't they look so darling?!

Papa with his girls.

Another pose of three of my favorite people.

Ron's and the girls' dance picture.

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