Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lia's Spring Piano Recital

The kids and I attended Lia's piano recital at our church  this morning.  Unfortunately, Ron had to attend a mandatory class for his professional certification course he has been required to complete this school year and was unable to attend.  So, Logan, Ella, and I cheered Lia on from our pew in the back of the chapel.  For some unknown reason, Logan and Ella turned into crazy, wiggly, wild kids in the chapel and made waiting for Lia's turn at the piano rather difficult and exhausting.  Once Lia was done with her performance, I dragged them out into the foyer where they ran wild in the halls until the recital was over.  Luckily, no one was out there to see their embarrassing behavior.  I have no idea why they acted this way as we go to church every Sunday and sit in this room, but I digress.  This post was supposed to be about Lia and not her siblings.  
Lia has worked really hard this year to improve her piano skills.  With the exception of some drama at home while trying to learn some new, difficult pieces, Lia really has progressed from September to June.  It is so nice to hear the beautiful music in our house whenever she sits down to play the piano which often times is done in addition to her designated practice time each day.  I thought Lia did a great job playing her two chosen songs of "The Can-Can" and "Nick Nack Paddy Wack" although she made a few mistakes on her first song and wasn't very happy afterward.  Regardless, I am very proud of all of her hard work this year and the courage it takes to get up in front of a large crowd and perform.  Well done, Lia!

Lia, Logan, and Ella standing in front of the program table before heading into the chapel before the recital started.

Lia announcing her first song to the audience.

Lia playing one of her piano pieces.

Afterward, we met everyone in the foyer for refreshments.  Here is Lia with four of her good friends who also take piano from Sister Berbert.  From left to right:  Alyssa, Bella, Mollie, Lia, and Isabel.  All of her friends are from church except for Mollie who we have known since PreK at Celebration Preschool.

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