Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Logan and the Big Boy Bike

Although Ron tried to get Logan to learn how to ride a big boy bike this past fall before the cold weather arrived, he never was able to really figure it out.  In fact, Ron even went as far as to take off the training wheels on his regular bike that he has been faithfully riding since he was two years old...however, that did not last more than a few days before I demanded that Ron put them back on because I was tired of Logan not being able to ride his bike while Ella rode hers.  So, we basically shelved the entire idea for the winter until we could get back outside to practice once the warm weather returned.  And although it has been one of the rainiest Springs on record, Lia came running into the kitchen this evening shouting to me to come outside.  When I walked out onto the deck, I was totally shocked to find Logan cruising around the sport's court on his other big boy bike that has never had training wheels on it.  Apparently, Ron convinced Logan to try it again and it worked.  Just like that, Logan figured it out!  It was so proud of Logan and so excited to see him making this milestone.  Here are the pictures I managed to take of my boy before he decided that he had tipped over enough times and went back to his other bike with the training wheels.  Hopefully, he will have this thing totally figured out by the end of the summer and we will be done with training wheels for him for good!

Logan looking at me as he rides by.

Focusing on making the turn.

Cruising around with papa and Ella at his side.

Papa helping him to get started again after crashing into the white fence.

And, he's off!

Trying to make another turn.

Throwing in the towel after a successful few tries.

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