Friday, May 12, 2017

Preschool Mother's Day Tea with Logan

Logan and I headed out this morning to attend the Mother's Day Tea at his preschool.  I had gone to the exact same event four years earlier with Lia and had learned my lesson not to show up in casual clothes. :-)  As a result, Logan and I got all dolled up in some nice outfits and headed out for a little mommy-son date.  Logan was so cute as he was so excited to give me all the Mother's Day gifts he had made at preschool.  We got there early enough to get good seats in the front of the chapel, so I was able to watch him up close while he performed his songs and talked into the microphone.  Logan did such a nice job singing his songs and telling the audience why he loves me (because I give him hugs).  He then came and joined me at the table where we played two games and enjoyed eating some delicious food.  We were one of the first ones to leave an hour later as I was in a hurry to get on the road to Vancouver for the U2 concert that I was attending later that evening, but I feel like we got to spend some quality time together at the beginning of this Mother's Day weekend.

Logan and some of his classmates after first lining up at the front of the chapel before the program started.

Logan and his classmates singing their little hearts out.

Logan talking into the microphone to tell everyone why he loves me.  Just adorable.

Logan looking at his wonderful teacher, Miss Vera.

Logan smiling while eating his food at the table.

Mother and son.

Logan standing under the flower arch as we were getting ready to leave.

One more picture of my precious boy and me.

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